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Phat Pham

Why I start writing?

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Writing is learning, keeping & sharing

This website was published 5 years ago with the only purpose that is sharing my portfolio. Three years later, I introduced a new look of the website after finding out Gatsby framework was awesome for static web app so I could base on it to develop more features for my website. Many things have been added to the to-do list so far but there's always one in pending status that is Creating a Blog.

But why do I need a blog!?

There're three reasons:

  • Learning: Beside daytime working, I write code for fun or put my hands dirty on the new technologies. Writing down what I have learned is a good practice for my brain which forces it to remember a thing twice.
  • Keeping: A lot of thoughts about technology that many times I couldn't find a desired place to post on. A personal website is the best one for storing them.
  • Sharing: Blog posts on personal website are also easier for sharing to another websites in order to discuss & take feedbacks from everyone. That's what I really want to improve myself and do networking.

And what will I write about!?

The following topics are what I've been focusing for years, and I will keep doing it in the next 2 years:

  • Microservices & Serverless
  • Cloud Native
  • Productivity & Automation

So what about the writing schedule!?

I will publish one post a month in the next 3 months. Will be more later if anything goes well.

And that's it! Today, I start writing :)

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