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Phat Pham


Full Stack Skill-set

  • Frontend: React (Next.js), Styled Components, Tailwind CSS, Progressive Web App, Atomic Design.
  • Backend: Node.js (NestJS), WebSocket, GraphQL, RESTful, Kafka, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Redis.
  • DevOps: Bash, Docker, Kubernetes, Terraform, Argo CD, Argo Workflows, Emissary-Ingress, Istio, OpenTelemetry, AWS.
  • Tools: TypeScript, Jest, Testing Library, ESLint, Prettier, Webpack, VS Code.


  • Aug 2021 to now: Team Lead at Setel

    Leading a team of 10 Mobile, Full stack & Automation QC engineers to build eKYC, fraud & compliance control for Setel ecosystem using React, Node.js, Kubernetes & AWS.

    Successfully launched eKYC for Setel Wallet & ensured Setel products are in compliance with PDPA & GDPR.

  • Oct 2020 to Aug 2021: Solutions Architect at FPT Software

    Led a 7-member team to build a web-based system for a FinTech enterprise in Europe. Joined in many POC projects as a proposal to companies in the US & Canada. The techstack was React, Node.js, Kubernetes, Serverless & AWS.

    Worked as Architect in 2 POC projects that helped the business unit to get 2 contracts from the USA.

  • Nov 2018 to Oct 2020: Co-founder & CTO at a startup.

    So-lo built a performance & scalable web-based trading platform based on React, Node.js, Kafka, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Redis & Kubernetes.

    No accomplishment so far because the co-founder quitted before launching.

  • Mar 2018 to Nov 2018: Tech Lead at Leflair Vietnam

    Got promoted after the CTO left. Built up the team of 10 to develop the new version of the website using Next.js, and migrate the backend from Monolithic to Microservices architecture using Node.js, MongoDB, Kubernetes & Google Cloud.

    The website served 500k customers & millions of monthly traffic with a 4-nine availability (99.99% uptime).

  • Nov 2016 to Mar 2018: Full Stack Developer at Leflair Vietnam

    Built the e-commerce website from scratch using MERN stack (MongoDB, Express, React & Node.js).

    The website went live in production successfully after 3 months of being a React newbie. The website performance increased significantly compared to the previous AngularJS version.

  • 2015 to 2018: Founder & CTO at Gorillab

    Led the 4-freelancers team to build several web & mobile-based apps for clients in Vietnam, Singapore & the US using MERN stack (MongoDB, Express, React & Node.js).

    One of the products is an Order Management System built for the client in the US which had been operating for years without a problem.

  • 2015 to 2017: Co-founder & CTO at Fugu Inc.

    So-lo built a Point-of-Sale as a Service for local coffee shops & restaurants based on MEAN stack (MongoDB, Express, AngularJS & Node.js).

    The service was used at 3 Japanese restaurants in Ho Chi Minh & Ha Noi for 2 years.

  • 2013 to 2015: PHP Developer Lead at Softfoundry

    Led a small team to develop several web-based products such as video conference (VMeet), video portal, e-commerce, e-learning, etc...

    VMeet was used by the GOVs of Thailand, Vietnam & other SEA countries.



Coding, Reading & Traveling.

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  • Singapore
  • Malaysia
  • Philippines
  • Thailand
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